Welcome to Mooncake Finance

This page explains what is mooncake finance and what it's all about.

What is Mooncake Finance?

Mooncake Finance is an innovative lending protocol built on the robust foundation of Aave Protocol V3 and tailored for deployment in the Linea chain. With a keen focus on capital efficiency, risk management, and seamless cross-chain interactions, Mooncake Finance aims to set new standards in innovation within the Linea Ecosystem.
By leveraging Linea's next-gen scalability, low gas fees, and high throughput, Mooncake Finance aims to offer users a secure, scalable, cost-efficient, and decentralized lending solution. The protocol's design, inspired by Aave V3, introduces novel features such as Efficiency Mode (eMode), Isolation Mode, and Siloed Borrowing to optimize asset utilization and mitigate risk.


Mooncake Finance's governance model aligns with Aave's principles, empowering token holders with voting rights to influence protocol improvements efficiently. The integration of Linea's developer-ready zkEVM rollup ensures seamless cross-chain liquidity, opening up a realm of possibilities for DeFi applications.
This documentation presents a detailed exploration of Mooncake Finance's architecture, governance, risk management, unique features, and innovation, showcasing its potential to revolutionize decentralized lending and borrowing on the Linea blockchain.