$MCAKE Tokenomics

This page shares a comprehensive introduction to $MCAKE, and its tokenomics
$MCAKE serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, embodying governance rights and a share in the protocol's success. Here are the token details:
  • Name: MCAKE (Mooncake token)
  • Ticker: $MCAKE
  • Chain: Linea and Base
  • Max supply: 10,000,000,000 $MCAKE
  • Contract Address: TBA

Role and Utility

  • Governance Rights: $MCAKE token holders are entrusted with crucial decision-making abilities, allowing them to propose or vote on key protocol upgrades, parameter changes, and future directions.
  • Revenue Share: A fraction of the protocol's success is shared with $MCAKE token holders. This could be in the form of rewards, staking benefits, or other financial incentives, depending on the protocol's periodic strategies.
  • Access to Exclusive Features: Certain premium or advanced features within Mooncake Finance might require a threshold amount of $MCAKE or its staking as a prerequisite, reinforcing its integral role in the ecosystem.

Token Vesting

A comprehensive table that outlines the emission schedule, showing how tokens are released over time and aligning with Mooncake Finance's long-term vision.
Vesting Period
Allocated to team and advisors
10 years - linear
Reserved for public/private sale on various launchpads
3-6 months
Added into DEX liquidity on launch
Community Airdrops
Rewards for users who provide liquidity and early adopter incentives
50 years - linear
Commitment to Transparency
Mooncake Finance is committed to keeping the community informed. Any changes, additions, or burning events that affect the $MCAKE token's total supply will be publicly announced and documented. By maintaining an open dialogue, we strive to foster trust and shared vision among our community members.