$eMCAKE: Pre-mine Protocol Token

This page highlights how users can farm our Earlybird token $eMCAKE and the benefits of it

What is $eMCAKE?

As a gesture of appreciation to the early adopters of Mooncake Finance, we introduce $eMCAKE - an exclusive pre-mine token pegged 1:1 with $MCAKE.
This token rewards and acknowledges the trust and commitment of early adopters who join us on this exciting journey. $eMCAKE allows the protocol to not just offer farming rewards but also promotes mass user adoption of the dAPP.
$eMCAKE is 1:1 pegged with $MCAKE. Users can convert $eMCAKE to $MCAKE at the Token Generation Event.
There will be vesting period for $eMCAKE users to handle the initial sell pressure.
You can start farming $eMCAKE on by providing liquidity to the protocol.
Note: $eMCAKE is a non-transferrable ERC20 token.